Online lecture: Introduction to Pythagorean Philosophy / Hylozoics

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Short Description:
The Pythagorean school had a decisive influence on the history of European philosophy. Its basic doctrine was based on indestructible units of consciousness, the monads, whose cyclical development is the main function of the visible and invisible cosmos. To this end, according to the Pythagorean view, the monads pass through different phases of increasing dynamism, in a cycle of materiality and spirituality. Some aspects of this worldview were explained in Democritus' atomic theory, others were taken up by Gottfried W. Leibniz, and through the theosophical exposition by Helena P. Blavatsky, and thus the monad concept experienced a renaissance in the Western world. Based on the literature of Henry T. Laurency and Lars Adelskogh, the lecture introduces the Pythagorean worldview in general overview.

Hannes Frischat studied music and physics in Hannover/Germany and since then particularly enjoys moving where science, art and philosophy meet. Practical experience in basic research, music production, co-author of several books on interdisciplinary topics. Lectureships at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, Holzminden and Göttingen in the fields of physics, ethics and philosophy. Lectures and panel discussions on the topics of interdisciplinarity and monadology, including in collaboration with Prof. Hans-Peter Dürr (Max Planck Institute for Physics, Munich) and with Prof. Wenchao Li (Leibniz Endowed Professorship at Leibniz University, Hannover).

Hannes Frischat has been committed to the Pythagoreans since childhood and is very much looking forward to your participation!

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