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Why part 1
Why part 2
You who are young
Time to wakeup
Stop distraction
Are you controlled
Do you radiate
What you cause
Choice of path
You are more
Your daily choices
Nourish or consume life
The real power is standing sovereign
Your fear prevents you
Uncover the lies
Three stages of truth
Truth will set us free
Time to make reason
Signs of human wisdom part 1
Signs of human wisdom part 2
Signs of human wisdom part 3
Real signs of human wisdom
The mature learns
The choice of path
Turn on your light
Where the power and greed rule
Have you woken up
Have you woken up part 2
Real common sense
Those ruling by lies
To sleep is to not think
To sleep is comfortable
Seek knowledge
Protect freedom
We mourn the blinds
Only through the blinds
What do you really know
Beware is your brain entrapped
Now it is serious
Disclosing lies
Easily controlled marionette
Express your opinion
Look up
Let us grow
Learn to understand life
Only life in accordance
Courage is to dare to think
Courage is to dare to go against
Courage is to dare to reveal
Courage is to dare to stand by
Dont let fear
Are you marinated
Warning real pandemic
Only dead fishes
Burst the bubble
Cherish life
Let quality rule
Be on your guard
Are you a tile
Recipe of life
A challenge in our time
From a superhuman perspective
Genuine benevolence does not use force
Genuine benevolence will not
Making quick judgment
Moments of serenity
New recipe for future
Refuse to normalize
Refusing to listen
Rocked to sleep
The good society
The purpose of distraction
The truth cannot be silenced
You are not alone
Who wants to live in
Common sense is free
The big lie
Why limit yourself
The collective lie
We can better
True solidarity
Recipe for marionette
Natural evolution
Blind obedience
Obedience for authorities
The biggest crimes
No censorship
Lack of consideration
Who humbly dares to revalue
No one is so blind
The good forces

The "Earth calling" campaign is aimed at you who are the hope of the future

It's time to speak plainly now. Therefore, we do not wrap this explanation. You are our hope for the future. The world is waiting for you to wake up.

We live in a time of choice of path. It is of the utmost importance that we choose a life-promoting path now. But external powers do everything to deafen the cries of our hearts. We who are the key to a future characterized by love, respect and understanding for life on earth, we are at the same time a target group for malicious forces that do everything to keep us distracted from the real essentials.

It starts at such an early age that you can hardly remember anything else. Perhaps you are a happy bearer of memories from your childhood marked by something uniquely genuine, a feeling of being surrounded by Life, an innocent feeling of genuine joy and of harmony with nature and the people around you.

From an early age, our sensitive senses are stunned by a cacophony of all kinds of radiation without interruption, our bodies are invaded by substances we do not always understand to protect ourselves against, our senses are hunted to get us stuck in addictions that we think we choose and want ourselves. We are lured into traps that are so deceptively tempting and addictive. They steal our precious time and our attention. As long as we are busy, we will not focus on raising our consciousness and creating the better world we all need to continue living on this planet.

We have incredible power in creating something better for the world. Through our daily choices, we can show what we decide to create. Dare to change oneself is the first step, as peace must always begin within ourselves. From there, the love of all living can grow. We are all part of a larger life, just as our bodies are living spaces for smaller lives. We carry a huge potential of abilities. Let our hearts and heads stand free, so that love and the higher consciousness can grow organically without hindering forces. Life is eternal, but we are here in the physical for a reason. We hope you want to discover yourself and the eternal spark you carry within you! 

What do I do now? Suggestions on how to proceed:

Examine yourself and how you live. What can you change?

Contemplate and reflect on life. Try to increase your understanding.

Talk to each other. What is important? What can we do?

Question. What interests are behind phenomena? Are they for or against life?

Join groups and get involved in something you are passionate about.

Start a study group, where you control yourself through conversations and studies, possibly based on selected literature.

Book tips

Suggestions for simpler literature if you do not know where to start. Otherwise you will find your own way!

"Choosing Joy"

by Kay Pollak

Behind the veils:

If you want to investigate and begin to understand more about the human being, the world and different events.


Documentary (highly recommended):
The power brokers you never elected

Look here.